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Good girl gets good treat.

After Thorung pass we easily hiked down but one day we got stuck in Tatopani because of the heaviest snow in 40 years in this area. We couldn’t move to Ghorepani as it’s quite dangerous with the massive snow falling on the mountains. Our guides declared at the morning that we had to stay here for one more night. Tatopani is a small village. We enjoyed the nice hot spring there but other than that there was nothing to do particularly. Although it was kind of nice to have a relaxing day in the middle of a strenuous trekking schedule.

Actually, it was a lovely day. It was very quiet because of the snow. The scenery was more beautiful with the snow. I bought a new book to read (Louis Bernieres / Birds Without Wings) and spent most of the time with someone in our group. There was no heater in the room, so we snuggled under a sleeping bag and sipped warm milk tea sometimes. From the window we could see snowy skies, mountains, trees and branches. It was a really calm and peaceful sight. Somehow that reminded me of “a white Christmas”. However, it was St.Valentain’s day. So he took care of me for a whole day and made me feel very happy. He fed me chocolates, sweet oranges, chips and read me a book. He went down to the restaurant to order our lunch, (Ordering meals 2 hours in advance was our daily routine at every tea house because they needed a lot of time to prepare for that.) and even bought me a dinner. Unexpectedly I had a wonderful St.Valentain’s day there. How lucky I was! Okay, here is my confession; I didn’t tell him that girls are supposed to give chocolates to boys at St.Valentain’s day in Japan! 


Indra(Our guide) got a one month puppy on the trek for his daughter. Girls always deserve to get something nice, don’t you agree?   




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