南京感想文 Nanjing scribble





Koh Chang

I love downhill. I am good at getting down hills and it is so much fun for me. The only disappointment is that it’s always over very quickly as I go down quite fast. Anyway, I just hiked down briskly as I didn’t need to care about acclimatization any more. We went to Ghorepani and had a quick visit to Poon Hill for the panoramic view of high mountains. Then we finally hiked to Nayapul, where we ended our trekking. My sticks and trekking shoes were broken by then but I was happy as we completed the trek. We moved to Pokhara (827m) by bus and appreciated to getting back to civilization. We were smelly disgusting hikers no more. 


At the end of my holiday, I dropped by Thailand again. I chose the small quiet beach in Koh Chang, one of the islands near Cambodia. I stayed in a lovely bungalow and did nothing but chill out for a couple of days. It was quite nice especially after the strenuous trek in Nepal. Beaches in Thailand are always wonderful except for one thing. There are many couples, “sugar daddies” (foreign guys, most of them old and ugly) and young Thai girls. It’s none of my business but just feel sad to see them everywhere. However I’ve got sympathy for Thai girls because people there regarded me as one of them and often gave me critical looks. I almost wore a T-shirt that said “I am neither a Thai nor a girl. I’m an independent working woman, okay?”(If someone sold that T-shirt, I might really buy and wear it.) All right, that’s it. The holiday was over and I got back to Nanjing. There is no money left in my bank account as I spent it all on the trip but I’ve got a lot of happy memories instead. Surely now is the time for working!




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