南京感想文 Nanjing scribble





Dear my sweet non Japanese readers

One week has past since I arrived here.
I've never lived abroad before but now I'm settling down in China amazingly well.
Nanjing is one of the famous old cities and now it has become a large and modern one as well. The standard of living is getting to closer to Japan’s but the cost of living is roughly from one fifth to one half depending on goods. 

The apartment where I live is fully furnished, is spacious and enough comfortable.
The food is fine and quite reasonable if you are not too fussy about it.
The people here are very kind and friendly more than I had expected.
The job seems lovely but it would be better if I know more about what is expected of me.
So far, so good. It’s unfortunate that I have to go back to Japan after two years.

Well, China is not quite new to me.
I backpacked here for 5 weeks with my friends in 1985.
I know that was a long time ago and I can’t believe how quickly time’s gone.
China was a very different world then. 
There were few cars, few tall buildings. Even in Beijing. There were billions of bicyclers and tons of dust. People stared at you and only said ‘ meiyou’ ( means not have ) most  every time. Traveling in China on your own was a bit of a challenging job back then, especially for one who can’t speak Chinese but how fascinating it was!

Of course I was impressed by the Great Wall and many other historical monuments. The things I enjoyed most were the trivial things such as their way of living or behavior. I was amused at how people handle running noses without Kleenex, how people drink tea without a strainer or how people make a tacky pose when it comes to taking photo, etc.
Now I will find out and see for myself the “new” China. It should be exciting.




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