南京感想文 Nanjing scribble





Sky Diving

I went to see the desert in Namibia. There was nothing but vast desert and it was truly beautiful. I saw several types of desert but especially the dunes were gorgeous. They were slowly but constantly moving and changing colors by lights. Walking on the red sand dunes on own bare foot was a fantastic experience indeed. However, I can say I had the nicer experience there. The first time sky diving in my life. I “fell off” more like “dived” in to the air from 10000ft above the ocean. The moment that I lost the ground under my foot was a real thrill. After a few seconds, once parachute was opened, everything became calm and peaceful. I saw everything without goggles. The clear blue sky, sea line, rocky mountains, little towns and so on. It was really a breathtaking view. Absolutely amazing. Then I knew how birds felt like when they were flying. I was floating in the air and slowly and smoothly getting down to the ground. I was so fascinated by the happy feeling and fabulous view. I couldn’t stop telling my guide, who was just on my back, how amazing it was. When my foot touched the ground very gently, it was simply over like a dream. 

The scary part was just took a second, which was sitting on the edge of the exit of Cessna. The only thing I did was ”head up, look at the blue sky and smile”, then I was already in the air. It widened my horizon. I loved it. I love to do that again. Yes, you see it’s dangerously addictive. 



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