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Micro light flight


Do you know "micro light flight"? It’s something like a hang glider with a small engine. One pilot and one passenger with a full face helmet. Sitting on a small seat with a single seat belt around the waist. It’s quite a simple aircraft. I flew over the Victoria Falls with it. It was 30 minutes total - 15 minutes watching the falls and 15 minutes of the safari-game flight.

There is nothing between the Victoria Falls and me. The fall is quite a spectacle from the sky. It looks like a huge crack of mother earth. An extremely wide river runs into it and after that many zigzag gouges go on. They are old falls and now a new fall no. 7 is forming. All in all, it’s absolutely amazing.

The first 3 minutes is extremely scary, more than sky diving. I see the gigantic fall just under my body, which looks like is going to swallow me. If the nonchalant looks pilot does something wrong, we will fall off to Zambezi River without parachute, which means my life is over then. The pilot is trying to spot many animals and never mind whether the aircraft is tilted or not.

I saw hippos, elephants, giraffes, zebras, buffalos, wild beasts, crocodiles and so on. The best thing was I got an idea of the entire Victoria Falls and the endless land around them. That was one of the moments that I felt how wonderful Mother Nature is.






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